Our Team


Our core strength lies in 32 member team of data entry operators whom we have nurtured over the last 6 years. Most of them are with us for a long time and they have grown with our Organization. There is a small team of highly skilled QC operators who take full responsibility of quality by way of developing efficient processes and executing the process with precision. These QC operators give training to the operators before start of a new project. Their emphasis is always on quality because we believe that higher production will come after sufficient practice.

At this time, we operate in single shift. However, in the past we ramped up our capacity from 20 PCs to 100 PCs when heavy work pressures were felt. Extra PCs are retained in our other production center. As we did in the past, we can get over 100 data entry operators and train them within 8-10 weeks. We would not mind operating 2nd shift if need arises. To further our adaptability to handle extra work load we have built a network of housewives who support us when work pressure increases suddenly.

Our In-house Technical team of IT Engineers is always on the look out to learn new processes and software. They get self-trained and then guide our Operators. The same team handles our software needs which are at times very demanding.